Keith Wheeler - 50th State Representative Illinois
Keith R. Wheeler for 50th State Representative Illinois - Family Community Integrity - Send our values to Springfield
Keith R. Wheeler for State Representative 50th District : Keith R. Wheeler - Republican Candidate for Illinois' 50th District
Keith R. Wheeler for State Representative 50th District

Illinois is at a crossroads. Its up to you to decide our path.

We can stay with the status quo that finds us ranked worst in the country in important measures such as job creation and credit rating.

Or, we can say no to machine politicians and elect new leadership for Illinois to turn our state in a new direction.

I am running to be a part of the new leadership ready to take Illinois back for our families and our neighbors. I need your help over the last few weeks of the campaign to get us to the finish line. Please consider taking a yard sign, walking your neighborhood, making phone calls, or writing a letter to the editor.

Together, we can take our state back and build a great future for Illinois!

Thank you,



Endorsement: Kendall County Record & Ledger-Sentinel
10/24/2014  -  Better suited to meet the challenges facing taxpayers and business owners

Endorsement: Chicago Tribune
10/22/2014  -  [His opponent]'s not likely to stand up to Michael Madigan, though. Republican Keith Wheeler surely would.

Endorsemenet: Kane County Chronicle
10/15/2014  -  Wheeler drives home the message of job creation

Endorsement: Daily Herald
10/11/2014  -  Very well-informed on the details of the issues facing Illinois

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