Rep. Keith Wheeler

Assistant Minority Leader

Let’s turn Illinois around together!

Let’s work together

Bringing my daughter to the Capitol reminds everyone of our responsibility to the next generation.
Keith R. Wheeler

Leadership through Collaboration

Fighting for the Families of the Fox Valley

Our nation and our state are facing extraordinary challenges that need thoughtful, honest solutions that will benefit all of our families. All of this at a time when people are finding it harder and harder to have discussions with people of different ideals, different backgrounds, and different political parties.

We need to work together to find balanced solutions through authentic collaboration.

That's been my approach in Springfield and it works.

Illinois House

Legislative Issues

Lower Your Taxes

Start with Property Tax Reform
We are committed to lowering the tax burden on Illinois taxpayers who currently suffer the highest local/state tax burden in the United States.

Stop the Corruption

Pass ethics reform
Illinois has seen more than its fair share of its governors serving time behind bars! Real ethics reform is necessary for our state to succeed.

Support Law Enforcement

Back the Badge
Illinois Democrats prioritized criminals over victims and law enforcement personnel. That approach has to change now!
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Getting Things Done for Illinois

Collaborative Legislative Efforts

Blue Collar Jobs Act

Illinois needs to unleash its small business spirit, entrepreneurial energy and risk-taking. We have the best workforce in the country. When we lift up job creators paired with our hardworking neighbors, there is not state that can match Illinois.

Clean Energy

The effort to move Illinois to a clean energy future has taken a huge leap forward. There is still critically important work to do to balance affordability and reliability for Illinois consumers and business customers in the coming years.


Education is really important. Parents know that. Teachers live that. The State of Illinois has a constitutionally mandated role in supporting our children’s education. How that gets accomplished is up to legislators and how well they understand what parents and teachers need together.

Small Business Regulation Reform

Improving Illinois’ small business environment has a direct impact on the job opportunities for Illinois families. Let’s remove unnecessary regulations that impede small business growth and unleash Illinois’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Women’s Health

My wife, Lisa, and my daughter, Ava, are my inspiration. That makes the topic of women’s health a critical priority. Our approach has been to collaborate with Assistant Senate Majority Leader Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) to carry our legislative efforts in the Senate Chamber.

Blue Collar Jobs Act
Clean Energy
Small Business Regulation Reform
Women’s Health
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Endorsements Earned by Keith Wheeler

Republican incumbent Keith Wheeler of Oswego says his constituents couldn’t be more direct about what they want Springfield to do: ‘Lower property taxes. Or I’m leaving.’ Wheeler is endorsed.

Chicago Tribune 2020 Endorsement

Chicago Tribune 2020 Endorsement

Chicago Tribune Editorial Board

State Rep. Keith Wheeler has proven to be an able legislator since joining the General Assembly in 2015 and deserves another term in office.

Chicago Sun-Times 2020 Endorsement

Chicago Sun-Times 2020 Endorsement

Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board

Keith Wheeler of Oswego is running for his fourth term in the Illinois House in the 50th District. We endorse him in this election as we have in the past.

Wheeler, who ascended to Assistant House Republican Leader last year, is impressive on all counts.

He’s not just a thoughtful, business-oriented conservative. He’s also a hardworking collaborator and a decent guy in a political environment that too often is cutthroat.

Daily Herald 2020 Endorsement

Daily Herald 2020 Endorsement

The Daily Herald Editorial Board
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