My wife, Lisa, and my daughter, Ava, are my inspiration. That makes the topic of women’s health a critical priority. Our approach has been to collaborate with Assistant Senate Majority Leader Linda Holmes (D-Aurora) to carry our legislative efforts in the Senate Chamber.

Education is really important. Parents know that. Teachers live that. The State of Illinois has a constitutionally mandated role in supporting our children’s education. How that gets accomplished is up to legislators and how well they understand what parents and teachers need together.

The effort to move Illinois to a clean energy future has taken a huge leap forward. There is still critically important work to do to balance affordability and reliability for Illinois consumers and business customers in the coming years.

Criminal justice reform needs to be done without diminishing public safety and the rights of victims. The SAFE-T Act went too far in prioritizing the criminal over law enforcement professionals. Much work needs to be done to balance the needs of all sides.

Improving Illinois’ small business environment has a direct impact on the job opportunities for Illinois families. Let’s remove unnecessary regulations that impede small business growth and unleash Illinois’ entrepreneurial spirit.

Illinois needs to unleash its small business spirit, entrepreneurial energy and risk-taking. We have the best workforce in the country. When we lift up job creators paired with our hardworking neighbors, there is not state that can match Illinois.