Blue Collar Jobs Act

Job creation brings economic growth to our state and to our communities.  More importantly, job creation brings economic opportunity to our neighbors that improves their family’s future.  Illinois’ economy generally lags behind other midwestern states when it comes to recovery from downturns as well as long-term economic growth rates.  Finding ways to stimulate growth that positively impacts Illinois workers is an absolute priority for Illinois families.

The Blue Collar Jobs Act

Innovative legislation doesn’t come along very often.  Rep. Keith Wheeler grew up in a union contracting company and worked as a union laborer during his college years.  Taking his construction experience and adding a degree he earned in Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Keith sketched out the Blue Collar Jobs Act.

Simply put, tax credits are awarded to developers who employ construction workers who build or renovate large-scale construction projects.  The incentive only becomes available after the construction workers have been paid so there is no risk to the state.  The more construction workers are paid, the greater the tax credit can be.  If the project is in an underserved area, the rate of the tax incentive increases.

Bringing high-paying jobs to our Illinois construction workers is a win for Illinois. When that work provides other neighbors with a place to work, that adds to our success. That’s what the Blue Collar Jobs Act does.
Keith R. Wheeler