Small Business Regulation Reform

Small business is the backbone of America. Around 50% of all new jobs in America come from small business. That means that small business is a big deal when it comes to providing for families in our neighborhoods.

Cutting red tape for Illinois small businesses

The very first bill that I presented on the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives was to require every agency of the executive branch of state government to evaluate their agency’s administrative rules and repeal those rules which were found to be overburdensome, duplicative, or onerous for small businesses.

The bill passed unanimously in both chambers once legislators understood that the goal of the bill was to cut government red tape for small business. Then-Governor Rauner signed the bill during the Illinois State Fair in 2015 surrounded by small business leaders from across the state.

By the end of the first year of the law’s effect, more than 600 overburdensome, duplicative, and onerous administrative rules had been taken off the books.  The law had done its job of making Illinois a better place for small businesses to start, grow and thrive.  It will continue to do so for generations as it requires a follow-up review every five years.

Making Illinois a great place for small business will give our entrepreneurs and small companies the opportunity to create more Illinois jobs for Illinois families.
Keith Wheeler